Why Natural Stone is the Best Choice for Renovation

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If you’re considering upgrading your hardscapes or changing the look of your architectural design, one of the best materials to use is natural stone for sale everywhere. The natural stone for sale in many places is durable, has a natural look, conveys something about your values, and improves the value of a property.

  • That natural stone for sale is durable and safe. Natural stone slabs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. Marble slabs for sale in your area are part of a long human history of marble use. Thousands of years ago, ancient cultures like that of Egypt and Mesopotamia used them for art and architecture. Indian and Mesopotamian cultures were using ceramic tile as long ago as 14,000 BC. Today, the National Association of Home Builders reports that marble floors can last 100 years, and marble countertops a lifetime.
  • Natural stone is a popular choice. A study done in 2016 by HOUZZ Kitchen Trends showed that 87% of people who own homes get professional help when they do a kitchen renovation project. Of those doing a kitchen renovation, 93% are choosing natural stone for sale in their area as the material of choice. And the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction showed that 23% of new homes in 2014 had a deck, and 56% a patio. Many of these are being made with natural architectural stone and tile.
  • Natural stone is the environmentally friendly choice. Brands that use natural stones and other materials in their design say something about their commitment to the Earth and to sustainability. Unilever’s 2017 study found that the market for brands to communicate their efforts at sustainability is currently worth $1 trillion. That same study found that one in three consumers actively prefer to choose brands that support causes, whether environmental or social. Natural stone for sale gives any hotel lobby, for example, a design that speaks to environmental responsibility. This is something that 81% of travelers think is important in the properties they choose. Since the lobby is the first thing that customers are seeing in a hotel or business property, it’s important that it showcases the brand’s values.

Natural stone and ceramic tiles are the perfect choices for a durable and beautiful look that conveys the importance of sustainability. Whether you’re looking to redo a kitchen, want to build a property, or are freshening the look of your business property, natural stone is the best choice.

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