How to Protect Your Employees and Tenants From Fires Use a Combination of an Early Warning System and Sprinkler System

Fire sprinkler installation service

When you own or are otherwise responsible for operating a business, whether it’s an office building, an apartment building, or another type of enterprise, it’s essential to have an early warning system and an efficient fire extinguishing system in place. Since fires can often occur without warning and can be caused by a variety of reasons and environmental conditions, it’s essential to remain vigilant in order to protect your employees, clients, tenants, and community.

High-rise fires, in particular, are a common occurrence. The four property classes that experience these are apartment buildings, hotels, medical facilities, and offices. Hotel and motel fires, for example, occur on an annual basis. It’s been estimated that these fires cause 150 injuries and 15 fatalities. The annual property losses that result from hotel and motel fires amount to $75 million.

When buildings are completely sprinklered, and these systems were operating properly, the National Fire Protection Association reported that this can limit the potential for fatalities. Their records indicate that no more than two people have lost their lives in fires when these measures were in place. Furthermore, when buildings have a combination of early warning systems and automatic sprinklers, this can potentially reduce injuries, fatalities, and property damage by a minimum of 50%.

In the event that you are renovating a building or constructing one from the ground-up, remember to contact your local fire protection service to learn more about the specific guidelines for these circumstances. Once your renovation or construction is completed, you can also discuss the most effective systems to install in your building. There’s an excellent chance that they will recommend a combination of an early warning system and sprinklers.

If you even suspect that your building requires fire sprinkler repair services, it’s important to contact your local fire protection company as soon as possible. While your system may require maintenance and minor repairs, When you have fire sprinkler repair services, it’s also possible that your contractor will indicate that you need a new fire sprinkler installation. It’s important to schedule regular fire sprinkler inspections and maintenance appointments so that you are doing your best to provide a safe working or living environment.

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