Why Custom Retail Signs Are Essential

Metal sign stands

The average consumer in the United States sees 3,000 ads in a typical day. With all that advertising bombardment, it?s important that a business find a way to stand out with creative retail display ideas. From contemporary glass signs and signage to metal display signs and mounted flyer holders, here?s why custom retail displays are essential:

  • Consumers have to be grabbed quickly Perhaps it?s because there?s so much to look at that consumers generally make their decision about whether to buy one brand or other within three to seven seconds. Metal display signs, custom glass door signage, and lots of other types of unique signs are the key to grabbing attention in these critical first moments. In fact, a 2014 Mass Merchant Study showed that 16% of all unplanned purchases in the store took place because of signage.
  • Fewer people are shopping online than you would think. The way things work in the world these days, you could be forgiven for thinking that nearly everyone is shopping online, or at least consulting the internet to make all their decisions before they buy. But the reality is that 77% of consumers still go to the store to shop, and 82% of people in the store make their decisions right there. This is another reason to make sure your signs are getting attention in the store.
  • Signs can be even better than discounts. Amazingly, research shows that full priced merchandise can sell 18% better with signage than without, even without a change in price. Put up the right kind of metal display signs and it can make a real difference in how people see merchandise. Other studies have shown that goods in general, if advertised with signage, will outsell the same goods without a sign.
  • A floor sign holder or metal display signs are an inexpensive way to advertise. A 30 second commercial costs between $4.05 and $7.75 per 1,000 adults reached. A quality sign can reach the same number of people for between three and 37 cents per 1,000.

Physical signage is a seriously important way to reach consumers, even in the digital world. Retail display fixtures reach consumers cheaply and effectively, so they?re worth investing in. Make sure your signage is doing good things for you!

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