The Importance Of Clean Water

Well water test kits

Clean water is a necessity of life. Without clean water we would have nothing to drink, we would have no way to stay clean, and disease would be transmitted at alarming rates. Clean water isn’t a luxury, but in many places, it’s not as universally accessible as it should be. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to monitor and change the conditions of less than ideal water. For example, a water resistivity monitor along with water quality testing kits can help to identify and help correct dirty fresh water sources.

Deaths due to unsafe and unsanitary water total over 3% of deaths around the world every year. Unsanitary water also factors into 3.7% of DALYs, or disability adjusted life years, impacting both quality and duration of life around the world. Water pollution is a problem around the world and is hugely impacted by the lack of adequate sanitation practices. Almost 2 billion people without adequate water sanitation and access to clean and safe drinking water live in Asia alone, making up a staggering 70% of those without clean, sanitized water. Sewage and industrial waste also negatively contribute to water pollution, as around 2 million tons end up in water sources every single day.

Thankfully, there is hope. A water resistivity monitor can measure the conductivity of water and, therefore, it’s ionic purity. If water is conductive, it can pass an electrical current. When water has waste in it, or inorganic dissolved solids, the conductivity is increased. Organic dissolved solids do not, however, conduct well. Therefore, a water resistivity monitor can check conductivity to check for the purity of the water.

Analysis of water quality is an important first step towards fixing dirty water and making it safe to drink. Water testing kits can help to identify contaminants in the water, as well as the sources of contamination. A water resistivity monitor and the subsequent water resistivity measurement can paint an even clearer picture of the water purity, as very pure water does not conduct water well and high conductivities in water can be a sign of impurities and contamination.

No matter who you are or where you live, access to clean water is essential. Without clean water, we cannot live as healthily as we should and our chances of dying young and living at a lower quality of life climbs higher.

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