Why Are Shipping Containers Being Used For Mobile Offices And Concession Stands Nowadays?

Cargo storage container

What makes the steel cargo container one of the smartest objects available on the market? It could have something to do with its unbelievable flexibility. Used for shipping countless food and goods across the world, the benefits of the steel cargo container have been found to stretch into the business sphere, as well. More and more businesses, particularly those with an eco-friendly mindset, are starting to embrace environmentally friendly climate controlled containers for makeshift offices and studios across the country. Concession stands, temporary offices, there’s little that a steel cargo container can’t do. Let’s take a look at how they work below.

Something For Everyone

Did you know, according to Billie Box, there are over 17 million shipping containers in circulation globally, even as we speak? This makes them one of the most widely used transportation, shelter and business options around. The number of active containers are at five million or so, pushing the number of collective trips taken annually to a stunning 200 million. The reason for the popularity of shipping containers is due to their flexible nature and how easily they can accomplish a wide variety of functions.

Always Environmentally Friendly

Has your business model started to shift closer to more environmentally friendly standards? Then you may want to buy used storage containers. Just because they’re used doesn’t mean they’re of a lower quality. Quite the contrary, actually, as shipping containers are regularly recycled into new products on the regular. For every recycled shipping container around 3,500 kilograms worth of steel are reused. Not only is this useful inherently, this also keeps more expensive materials (such as bricks or wood) from being used.

Incredibly Weather Resistant

Think shipping containers are weak and flimsy? Think again. Shipping containers are built to withstand all sorts of temperature changes, making them powerful in both the hot seasons and rainy weather. Nearly 700 shipping containers are lost at sea on a yearly basis, a testament to their widespread use and durability across the world. Shipping containers regularly taken care of with proper maintenance, such as cleaning and repairs, can last for an impressive 20 years.

Flexible For All

What do people use shipping containers for? Let’s count the ways. You can create portable concession stands for popular events or festivals. You can cultivate a mobile office for temporary or part-time jobs. You can try a steel cargo container for storage space or studio space for projects that can’t be completed at home. Ongoing studies provided by the University Of California at Irvine found that employees switch their focus every 10 minutes or so. Creating a unique space for work actually bolsters productivity more often than not.

Using A Shipping Container As A Studio Or Mobile Office

Mobile office containers and storage space offices are becoming the new standard. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Reusing flexible materials and abstaining on more expensive ones like mortar and wood means the environment is finally being given a breather. Climate controlled containers can maintain a breezy temperature no matter the season and, best of all, these containers last a very long time when taken care of. For those that want a little bit of everything, a steel shipping container (if you’ll pardon the pun) truly is the way to go.

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