Where to find the best free training videos on HIPAA

Free hipaa training video

Business training videos are not something new. Organizations and institutions have been using them even before the internet has become an integral part of businesses. Today, despite so many changes companies still use them in their organizations. For example, they show a business training video to a group of employees that are in training. Or they use the video to effectively disseminate information. Depending on the information videos can be more effective than written communications. This is why when it comes to HIPAA training, many organizations are using free training videos on HIPAA. Now, if you are looking for a good and free training video, here are tips on where you can find them.

When it comes to free HIPAA training video, your best source is the United States Department of Health and Human Resources site and OSHA site. The US Department of Health and Human Resources has a comprehensive collection of free HIPAA training videos that you can use for your organization. Their free HIPAA training videos include guide to providers, compliance and how to evaluate your organization if it complies with the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Aside from these you can also find other free HIPAA training videos that you may find useful for your organization. Examples of these are videos on conferences on Privacy Rule, the minimum necessary provision of the Privacy Rule and even researches related to HIPAA. One thing to know is that there are free HIPAA training videos that are equivalent to CME credits so you might want to ask your doctors to check these free HIPAA training video as they will gain both knowledge and credits.

Another good source of free HIPAA training video is your typical video sites. Some of these sites offer free HIPAA training video that you can use to improve the knowledge and understanding of the key persons in your organization. The good thing about these sites is that their videos complement the ones that you can find from US Department of Health and Human Resources and the OSHA. Some of the videos for example clarify the issues on Privacy Rule. They are therefore good source of video when it comes to reinforcing the knowledge of your people. One example of this is YouTube. You can actually find several HIPAA training videos on YouTube which are quite good and informative.

Aside from the websites that offer free video training, there are also sites that offer business training to different organizations. They are the best source of video training, including HIPAA video training. The videos from these sites however are not free. You have to pay for them but they are worth it. This is because what you will get are more than just videos but are more like training materials, the video is just one of them. For example, along with the video you will get testing and evaluation materials.

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