Nothing is Free These Days, Except Knowledge

Free training video

The internet has revolutionized education.

Whether you want to take online classes through an accredited university, gain certification through a trade program, or watch a free training video at your leisure, the options for learning abound. There are countless free training videos online, encompassing nearly every subject and field you could imagine.

You can learn what you need to learn today. By conducting a quick online search for business training videos, web design instructional videos, or a free HIPAA training video, you will be prepared to conquer any situation that calls for the certain set of skills you choose to acquire.

Along with the free training video opportunities online, there are a multitude of excellent academic classes available for free. With the development of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), anyone can log onto the web and receive superior education of varying levels without any of the tuition or registration stresses.

MOOCs are a prime example of the educational value of the internet. Anyone of any age and any learning ability can go online and access limitless educational content for free. Professors from prestigious universities such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Stanford teach MOOC courses. MOOC forerunner, Andrew Ng states, “charging for content would be a tragedy,” but such courses do charge for receiving a certification or accreditation.

Whether you seek an ivy league education, or a quick, free training video, the web can provide education on virtually anything you want to learn. Take a look for yourself, and see what you can gain!

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