What to look for on a used forklift

When you buy a used forklift from a forklift sales lot, you probably want to use it immediately on a job, rather than needing to work on it and replace parts. That means you need to check more than just the engine and other mechanical parts before purchasing, as the video describes.

Your first order of business should be a tire check. Ensure they have plenty of tire tread left.

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Do this in the same manner you would check the tires on your car, but on a forklift, this is more important since you will be moving heavy-weight items. Also, consider the tire brand used. This gives you’re an idea of how long they will last before you need to replace them.

You should also conduct a hose check, so you know that fluids will circulate as they should. Forklifts that provide a higher load capacity cost more for the lifting power. Consider whether the engine type uses gas, diesel, or electric batteries. An electric forklift costs the least to operate for a 250-day work year. Also, consider the forklift’s age, use history, and maintenance history.


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