Benefits of Borescope Inspections In Industrial Plants

For an industrial plant to continue competing at the highest level, it has to consider timely and efficient inspection, repair, and maintenance of its generators, turbines, and other related machines. These generators are likely to be damaged by dirt or quickly reach their operation lifespan. Salt particles and debris can damage a turbine. The salt particles attach to turbine blades, and they attract even more other hazardous particles. As a result, the turbine or generator’s output will decrease by about 15%. To prevent such issues, which are likely to halt operations in the factory, you need advanced compressor services, generator inspections, steam turbine inspection, and other support turbine support services. For generators and turbines, subjecting them to borescope inspection will go a long way to identifying some of the critical issues to pave the way for early repair of the damaged parts.

Most manufacturing companies and factories resort to borescope inspection services to thoroughly inspect their generators and other related machines. The need to remain competitive in the market does not warrant any time-wasting. This means a company ought to always be in operation producing the required goods and services. Any issue which might negatively impact the manufacturing process should be solved with immediate effect. This can be achieved through borescope inspections of the generators and turbines. The industrial plant stands to enjoy the following benefits.

Prevention of Downtime

The cutthroat competition in the market among different firms requires every organization to be on its toes. The industrial plant needs to remain in operations to continue manufacturing the needed products. Any downtime will significantly affect the production process. The factory will run into losses due to a lack of operations and products to sell to its customer base. In most instances, downtime is caused by the failure of machines such as generators or turbines. The failure might be a result of abrupt damage to those critical machines. This occurrence can be sorted out through borescope inspection. It allows you to identify the faulty parts in your generator or gas turbine. Necessary repair and maintenance will then be conducted to ensure the machine remains in good shape for a long time.

Prevent Future Damages

A gas turbine can be badly damaged if you ignore the small issues, dirt, or debris which might find their way into the turbine. However, borescope inspection of gas turbines allows factories to identify the damages early enough and carry out the necessary repair. This helps rectify an issue that would have culminated in causing adverse damages to the gas turbine.

Remove Even The Smallest Particles and Debris

The small particles can easily damage your generator without your notice. These particles are tiny enough to reach the most critical parts of turbines and generators, thus damaging them. But with regular generator inspections, these particles and debris can be dealt with as soon as possible. Through borescope inspection, you can see the smallest particles, such as dirt, to remove them and avoid future damages.

Competitive Advantage

As an industrial plant, competing with other related factories can be a very daunting undertaking. Other firms are also doing their best to put up with the stiff competition. This involves ensuring they minimize downtime and keep efficiently working machines. They carry out generator inspections in due time to rectify any problem that might cause stoppages in their operations. Usually, borescope inspection services are used to access all the machine or turbine areas to determine if there is an issue that needs repair. In that connection, any rectification or part removal will be done on time. This will allow the factory to continue with its operations without wasting time. Therefore, it is also important to note that borescope services save time.


Inspection of machines, generators, and turbines in any factory is a procedure that should be given the attention it deserves. Thorough generator inspections need to be undertaken to guarantee proper repair and maintenance of the critical parts. To facilitate such a process, you will need advanced borescope inspection services. This type of inspection minimizes downtime, guarantees regular repair and maintenance of machines, and ensures the company remains competitive. The small particles, dirt, and debris that can damage the machines will be removed early enough before they result in adverse damages.

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