What Exactly Is the Die Casting Process?

Many people know nothing about what is a die casting process. To shed some light on this, we will learn more about how magnesium die companies go through the process of die casting.

What is the die casting process? In the die casting process, the reusable steel dies or steel molds are pre-heated and coated with a die-releasing agent to lubricate and protect the surfaces of the dies before each use.

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Next is, the pre-measured amounts of molten metal are injected into the dies at extremely high pressures. The newly formed part is removed from the dyes, and the cycle is repeated once the die is cooled. As a result, the dies must be stronger than those used n the mold process to withstand the high-pressure injections.

These dees then can be engineered to produce complex shapes with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability that can be used a thousand times. The die-casting process is used by magnesium die companies when large quantities are needed. Die-cast parts can be sharply defined with smooth or textured surfaces; these dies are also suitable for many finishes. The die-casting process produces a dense fine-grain surface structure with various physical and mechanical properties such as fatigue strength.

AS with other casting processes dramatically varies from the alloy’s physical and mechanical properties. The ones often used for the die-casting process are zinc alloys, aluminum alloys , magnesium alloys, and brass alloys.


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