Are You Able to Do Powder Coating At Home?

Powder coating is an easy and famous way to paint parts. It is highly durable and guarantees to leave an attractive finish. It only takes a little practice to do powder coating effectively.

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Applying a powder coat can be complex for first-timers. However, here are some quick steps to do powder coating in your home like a pro.

Step 1: Know your material.
The first step that you should do is know the material where you need to apply the coating. You need to select an applicable powder for an excellent finish.

Step 2: Disassemble the parts.
Disassemble the parts before coating. You need to remove the object that you don’t need to get coated.

Step 3: Clean the metal base.
Using a chemical solvent can remove the grease, oil, or paint can remove dirt and rust on your part. Materials like metal, aluminum, and magnesium are soft metals that can easily get cleaned.

Step 4: Apply the powder to the object.
Use a compressed air sprayer and spray on the object that’s needs coating.

Powder coating is durable and cost-efficient. If you are interested to know about powder coating, ensure to watch this below and learn more about it.


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