What Are The Best Charities To Donate To?

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What are the best charities to donate to? This is the first question on the way to a better world. It’s through charity that the very best humanity has to offer is made the most clear, with people giving away what they don’t need to those that could use a little help in a positive cycle that just keeps on going. You can even do your part to help out the environment, something that has many people considering charity donation as a way to go green. For those that want to look into clothing drop off to shrink their overflowing closet and help out their fellow neighbor, continue reading below to learn about the wonderful act of charity and what it does for the world at large.

Clothing donations are a popular choice for many for their accessibility. Many people have a few sweaters or a pair of jeans they just don’t wear anymore, meaning a simple visit to the back of your closet can do a world of good for everyday people and entire industries alike. The year 2006 saw nearly three billion pounds of fabric kept out of landfills thanks to used clothing purchases. When you ask, “What are the best charities to donate to?”, you’re asking how you can get smart about what you toss.

What else do clothes donations do? You can put useful materials back into your local economy. Americans still send around 10 million tons of clothing to landfills on a yearly basis, wasting a lot of useful ingredients that would be better recycled and reused. Nearly 100% of household textiles and clothing can be recycled, no matter the quality, and the ones that aren’t recycled (and are gently used) can be put toward nearby thrift shops. That’s not all your lightly used and unwanted clothing has to offer, however.

The environment is under a lot of strain. With populations across the world only increasing and more and more businesses wondering how they can reduce their carbon footprint, your small efforts can have a big result. Landfills are a notorious drain on the surrounding environment, affecting local air quality and even harming nearby wildlife due to the accumulation of bacteria, hazardous materials and more. You can do you part to reduce the size of landfills while putting materials that would otherwise go to waste back into your economy.

What other benefits are there when you ask, “What are the best charities to donate to?” Look no further than your nearest tax return. Your charitable donation can be written off on your yearly taxes, helping you save a little money even as you help others make a little money. Remember that any charitable donation that exceeds $250 (this includes clothing donations) will require a receipt for verification. Tuck it away in your tax folder or in your desk drawer so you don’t lose it come spring.

There’s even social impact to be had when you give away shirts, dresses or jackets you don’t wear anymore. Studies have shown the vast majority of social media users would take a direct form of action in response to a friend posting about their charitable donation. Another 40% of respondents in a holiday survey admitted they give more during Christmas season than any other time of the year. Sharing your thoughtful gesture can create many more to come.

Donations for non profit organizations help the environment, give your community affordable clothing options and even save you money during tax season. Visit the Purple Heart (or call them for a free clothing pick up) and see how you can create some good this year.

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