Want to Get Into Cyber Security? Read This First!

Cyber security professionals help prevent data breaches, theft, and malware ransoming attacks perpetuated by cyber criminals. That said, to get into the profession, there are a couple of key skills that cyber security professionals must have. The YouTube video “Getting Into Cyber Security: 5 Skills You NEED to Learn” outlines the five skills that a cyber security professional must have.

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One of the primary skills of a cyber security professional is the ability to build and use virtual machines. Virtual machines typically run as a guest on the host software or a computer’s operating system. The hypervisor typically controls virtual machines.

Another important cyber security skill is the knowledge and application of the SHELL command line. The SHELL line is the easiest and most efficient way to interact with an operating system. Mastery of the SHELL command line expands the arsenal of cyber security professionals and lets them do more with less.

System administration is another important part of the job of a cyber security professional. It translates to having an excellent understanding of a platform and other connected tools inside-out to assist anyone who runs into trouble. Other essential skills that a cyber security professional needs include computer networking and personal digital security. All these skills help reduce the chances of a costly security breach.

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