How to do Large Format Printing

The demand for large format prints is increasing. The bigger the print, the more chances a company has to increase its visibility. Therefore, you need to maintain a high resolution for prints when printing large format items. There are various materials for large formats, including plastic, cloths, and coated and uncoated paper. Read on to find out how large format printing is done.

The first step is to select the material you want to use for the large print.

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Then, it would be best to design how you want the end-products to turn out. You also need to define the size of the large format print and design artwork that matches the dimensions of the print. You need to use the highest resolution on your artwork to prevent it from being distorted when it’s enlarged.

The next step is to set the press in line with the graphics. You should set the toner through various large nozzles. The ink is applied directly to the product and then dried using UV lights. Drying the ink using UV lights helps to dry the ink quickly and deliver high-quality images. Click the link above for a step-by-step tutorial on creating large format prints.

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