Understanding What Goes Into Pharmacy How Clinical Packaging Companies Help Protect the Consumer

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It is amazing how far modern medicine has come to understand our biology on a scientific level. The advances made through modern medicine have changed lives, allowing our species to live longer as we continue to eradicate disease after disease from our lives. In partnership with doctors and healthcare providers, pharmacies and drug providers help provide patients with the medicine needed for their recovery and wellness. Clinical storage and distribution is a significant sector of the pharmaceutical industry as it is not only concerned with informing the consumer but simultaneously assuring them that the product is safe and free of tampering. When choosing a packaging option, drug companies must choose a design that will protect the product as well as the consumer.

Pouch Packaging

Liquid products are typically packaged in little pouches or sachets that provide for easy opening and disposal for the consumer. While the pouches are easy to open, there are a few different safety designs such as child safe seals, strip seals, and easy to open rip and tear pouches. Pouches are also designed to administer the proper pre-measured dose, thus ensuring that the patient will be able to use the medicine correctly. For liquid medication, pouch packaging is one of the best options thanks to the inclusion of pharma serialization identification protocols. Pharma serialisation ensures that precautions can be taken along the clinical storage and distribution chain to identify and remove faulty or tampered product for recall — this is another way that modern clinical storage and distribution companies protect the consumer.

Bottle Packaging

Bottle packaging is one of the oldest forms of clinical storage, primarily due to the fact hat it works. Bottle packages include liners and seals to allow the product to remain untouched by outside substances, thus ensuring that the product remains untampered with. Like the pouch packages, bottle packaging too includes different cap options including child safe, snap off, and twist off caps designed for user convenience. The same pharma serilalisation is used to ensure batch quality and protect consumers in the case of recalls. For an easy way to package a mass quantity of medication, bottle packaging may be your best bet.

Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is one of the most favored methods for clinical packaging as it allows for a uniquely custom package that consumers will remember. Blister packages can be completed with vinyl and can come in various opaque, tinted, and translucent appearances. The customization further allows a company to advertise their products by offering coupons, special deals, or other advertising techniques that are printed right into the package. Aside from the advertising element, blister packages ensure the safety of the product by casting a formable web that keeps the product safer and less likely to get damaged. Blister packs combine PVC plastic and foil to allow for a thicker, more durable package. Blister packaging is a preferred packing method by clinical storage and distribution companies as it can be completed with child safe features and mass packaged in a relatively small amount of time. These packages are premeasured and often have services provided by the blister packaging companies including lot number and expiration date for a greater degree of quality control.

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