How to Improve Your Company’s Online Visibility

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What is web visibility? Well, there’s no one definition that is going to cover it so here are a few bullet points to give you a broader understanding of Internet visibility.

  • When people go online to research something, your website gives them the answer.
  • When someone needs to share a resource, it’s yours that they are sharing.
  • If someone is ready to buy something and needs a supplier, you are that supplier.
  • You rank high up on a search engine’s results page.
  • When people share unique or interesting stories and information on social media, it’s your content that they are sharing.

  • Basically, web visibility means that you have a strong online presence and you are well known. You are the popular kids of the Internet. So, how do you increase your net presence or web visibility? Here are a few ways to do just that.

    1. Bulk Up Your Website
      Your website should be more than just a one page site. If people are looking for you, they will probably find you but no one is going to just happen upon a one page website. The key to standing out is to build up your website. Make it bigger. This doesn’t mean filling it with meaningless nonsense just to be big. Your content should still be valuable and helpful. Sites that contain more pages tend to rank higher up in the search engine results because there are more keywords to pick up on. Search engines will recognize your website as more valuable if there is more information for the users to look through.
    2. Hone Your Social Media Skills
      Social media marketing is a big thing these days. Now, you don’t have to spend every waking minute tweeting and posting in order to promote your brand. Just open accounts with every social media outlet that you can find and keep them moderately active. The more you write, the more noticeable you will be.

    3. Leverage Good Reviews
      Having good online reviews is crucial to not only building web visibility but building a good reputation online. You could be very well known online but you want it to be for the right things. Encourage happy customers to write satisfied reviews. Utilizing websites such as Yelp are a good idea. Customers often purposely look up a company if they have not heard of it before. You should already have good reviews ready and waiting for them to read.

    4. Take Advantage of Google Services
      Google has plenty of services that can increase your company’s visibility. Google places is a free service if you have a physical location. Google business photos will allow you to give your potential customers a virtual tour of your offices. These are just two examples of some great things that you can take advantage of to help out customers.

    5. Send Out a Press Release
      This is a very simple way to generate a lot of links to your website. Press releases make your company legitimate in readers’ eyes. Get out a press release that broadcasts a positive story about you and your company. You may have to pay for the initial article but a good online press release that picks up traction will end up being repeated and re-posted all over the Internet.

    6. Don’t Underestimate Videos
      There have many businesses and individuals that have been made famous through their YouTube channel. While you probably don’t want to rely solely on this method, video connections work very well when used in conjunction with other ideas. If you happen to make a video that goes viral, your visibility could go through the roof overnight. Make sure to thoughtfully place keywords and don’t forget to link back to your channel page on every single video. You could video anything from a webinar to a funny video but whatever it is, make it interesting to watch. Short videos go viral more often than long ones.

    If you can follow these five simple steps to increase your web visibility you will notice almost immediate improvement in your ratings and an increase in the flow of traffic that comes through your website. The more traffic you get, the more customers, the more money and the more profit. Being visible and noticeable to people on the Internet is the very foundation for growing your business.

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