Trade Shows Remain Today’s Best Business Marketing Tool Using Office Walls To Attract Prospects In 2020

A trade show is your chance to show off what you know and how you know it. It’s more personal than an email newsletter, yet more professional than a cold call.

This delicate balancing act, as a result, can seem impossible to get right. How do you get all the benefits of a trade show event without fumbling the ball? With quality art display walls on your side, you can at least be assured your visuals will hold water. These flexible modular wall panels are perfect for museum shows and trade events, able to be adjusted at will. When the day’s over, they can be packed away as easy as one-two-three.

You need flexibility. You need the basics. Let’s look at moveable wall systems and why no trade show should be without it.

A Competent Trade Show Gives Your Brand A Boost

There’s a reason why businesses spend so much time and energy on their trade show presence: it’s an incredible magnet for leads and prospects. According to a recent study, over 80% of trade show attendees have buying authority. This is great news if you’re hoping not to just make connections, but get people already wondering what comes next. Moveable walls are a tool you use to make sure you’re not overlooked in the flood. Divide and conquer your visuals, then watch everything else follow suit.

Quality Over Quantity Is The Name Of The Game

Would you rather have a few hundred mildly interested leads or a dozen extremely interested prospects? The latter, as anyone familiar with prospecting will tell you, is far more valuable. Studies have shown nearly 45% of attendees attend just one trade show per year. When exhibitors were asked what they wanted to see most in visitors, 65% stressed the quality was most important. That meant people who are passionate, invested, and eager to make the experience count.

Most People Who Attend Trade Shows Are Already Prospects

When you invest in office walls, it’s because you already have something to look forward to at your trade show. You’re not doing this out of mere obligation! Over 85% of businesses today participate in trade shows to raise awareness of their company and its brand, with 70% participating to get leads from new buyers and prospects. Turning them into leads can come down to how firmly you shake someone’s hand. Get them to the booth with a portable office wall that’s designed neatly and confidently.

Display Walls Give You A Chance To Show A Lot With Very Little

We’ve taken a look at some of the statistics surrounding trade shows. Now how about where the artistry comes into play? The top three sales-related objectives at trade shows involve relationship management, engagement, and customer satisfaction. This is best done with a ‘less is more’ approach with your office walls. Instead of slathering every last inch in infographics and photos, use just a few to really draw in the eye and get people drifting over.

Blend Visuals, Text, And Blank Space To Create An Appealing Art Wall

Here are a few tips to ensure your office walls are attracting, not deterring. Make sure to have a blend of visuals, text, and blank space to keep the eye traveling naturally. Some prefer to read and learn, while others want to see their message summed up with a visual. Keep in mind most prospects are going to be spotting your temporary art wall at a distance, too. If you can’t read the text at 20 feet or less, it’s probably too small and needs a boost!

Get the most out of your trade shows in 2020. Add trade show walls to your repertoire so you can focus on the people.

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