Tips to Consider While House Cleaning

House cleaning is one of the tasking chores you have to perform regularly. After work or every meal, you need to clean utensils, floor, or do laundry. When you fail to clean your house, you invite insects and mice into the house.

However, there comes a time you need to perform thorough cleaning whereby you have to clean the basement, crawl, and other inaccessible parts of the house. Luckily, you can contract house cleaning services if you want to experience professionalism. Besides, cleaning the house by yourself will be tiring, and you might leave other parts of the house dirty.

Here are some tips to consider during house cleaning.

1. Use a Door Mat

Carpet cleaning is time-consuming and tiresome. You use a lot of detergent and water to drain off the dirt. Alternatively, if you choose to hire house cleaners, you’ll spend more on carpet shampooing. Therefore, invest in a doormat.

Since you spend your entire day without looking at what you’re stepping onto, you can use a doormat to wipe off elements you collected with your shoes. Also, set an area where you’ll put your shoes before walking on the carpet.

2. Microwave a Sponge and Reuse

A sponge is one of the items you throw away often. However, if you put the sponge in the microwave for a few seconds, all the bacteria will be eliminated. Nonetheless, if you don’t have a microwave, consider placing your sponge in the direct sunlight. You can use the sponge to clean your kitchen cabinet, utensils and countertops severally before tossing it off.

3. Freshen the Garbage Disposal

Another house cleaning tip you should consider is to freshen your garbage disposal. Its blade can retain dirt leading to a smelly house. Cut a lemon and drop it down the disposal system along with ice cube.

Turn the garbage disposal on for some minutes to allow the ice cube to clean the blade and leave a freshened smell. Ideally, you can hire house commercial cleaning to perform through housework.

4. Use Coffee Filter to Clean Window

Have you noticed your windows are misty? Use coffee filters to wipe them, and they will regain the transparent look.

5. Put Your Cleaning Supplies in One Basket

House cleaning requires a wide range of supplies. This means that whatever equipment you use to clean your bathroom aren’t the same with kitchen cleaning equipment. This leads to purchase of unique equipment to clean different rooms. In fact, one household in America spends an average of $660.48 annually to buy household cleaning supplies.

So, before you start cleaning the kitchen, put all the ingredients in one basket to avoid running around later. It will be tiring when trying to look for equipment once you realize you’re supposed to use it.

6. Cover Fridge Shelf with Plastic Wraps

A fridge is among the appliances that retain foul smell. However, implement the use of plastic wrap on the fridge shelves and replace them when they get dirty.

7. Stick Roller

A stick roller collects all the dirt on the floor. The advantage of the stick roller is that you don’t have to wet the floor to pass it through. Also, you can use a wet glove to collect pet fur. Additionally, consider assembling a pet bed and train it to spend time on it to prevent it from dropping hair all over the house.

Importance of Cleaning Your House

There are various advantages as to why you should perform house cleaning regularly. First, you’ll live a healthy life in terms of maintaining your joy and escaping illnesses related to a dirty house. However, if you find that you’re unable to clean parts of the house consider professional cleaners.

House cleaning takes a minimum of 40 minutes daily. You can start enjoying your 40 minutes if you implement some of the above tips while cleaning a house. Ensure you hire cleaning services after a while to perform through household chores.

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