Tips for Starting a Dog Daycare Business

Are you a dog lover? Have you ever thought about opening a dog daycare? If your answer to both questions is yes, then the video will prove helpful to you. It gives a pretty detailed rundown of what you will need to run a successful daycare for dogs.

As the video points out, the pet industry is quite lucrative. It is expected to generate $75 billion this year alone.

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This presents a wonderful opportunity for dog entrepreneurs. Before accepting reservations for dog sitting, you will need to develop a business plan, which should include a mission statement, a marketing strategy, the facilities you will be using, and a financial plan that shows how you intend to stay profitable. You will also need to determine the location of your daycare, the services you will provide, and the tools you will require to meet these commitments.

Although you may be able to dog sit for a while as a side job, you must eventually obtain a license to legally operate a dog daycare, especially if you want to expand your clientele. These matters are usually dealt with at the state or local level. Now you know all about opening and running a daycare for dogs.


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