Tips for Growing a Web Design Business

This video is about growing your web design company, regardless of skill and expertise. This video goes through the techniques of growing a web business. He mentions the first thing to do is prove to potential customers they can trust you.

After you build that sense of trust, you need to look at everyone in your life.

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Start out with the people who already trust you. Family members, people you have done business with in the past, anyone who has a reason to trust you.

This strategy of building trust is going to help you to get a few clients. You need to get creative with business prospects.

He talks about just talking to people who don’t have a website already and explain how important a website is. As you build their trust, you will be able to get them as a client. Once you have the person’s interest, explain to them the importance of a website and how it will improve their overall business. He closes the video by inviting the viewer to check out part two about how he closes the deal.

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