Consider Taking a Course in the Kennedy Krieger Webinar Series

When it comes to online training solutions, it’s important to have a variety of resources at your disposal for your team. That’s why we wanted to detail some of the Summer 2021 Kennedy Krieger Webinar Series sessions that Training and eTracking solutions will be hosting online.

The goal of these training sessions is to provide adequate support to both businesses and the individuals who work there for sustainable and integrated employment for team members of all abilities.

The Neurodiversity Movement Part 1: Building an Inclusive Workforce, Getting Started.

In this training, we’ll provide an overview of what neurodiversity is, how you can build an inclusive workforce, and understanding why it’s important to open job opportunities to people of all abilities. After this training, you should walk away with a better knowledge of how to create an inclusive environment for neurodivergent applicants and employees. You should also come away with knowledge about how to open up your hiring to more diverse candidates.

The Neurodiversity Movement Part 2: Fostering and Sustaining Provider and Business Relationships.

During this online employee training, we’ll continue discussing how employers can work to hire a diverse workforce. In addition, we’ll talk about the importance of engaging with experts in the field of adult services. Business owners will learn about the role of an adult service provider and the importance of maintaining relationships with these experts as they continue to hire. Maintaining these connections can make all the difference in the world when you want to maintain a neurodiverse workforce.

Strategic Approaches: Universal Design.

Now, we move beyond online employee training solutions and into the world of inclusive design. This presentation will provide an overview of the concept of universal design and how it can help employers. Most importantly, business owners will learn why universal design philosophies are so important to apply when working toward building a more inclusive team of employees.

If continuing your education through online training is something you value as a business owner, don’t hesitate to participate in something like the Kennedy Krieger Webinar Series. It could mean the difference between getting stuck in the past and moving into the future.

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