Three Ways to Get Access to Clean Water

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If you think finding the best water systems is a luxury that isn’t worth the cash, we beg to differ. Paying for a gym membership you never use, that’s not worth the cash. Paying for your car to get detailed on a rainy day, that’s not worth the cash. However, finding the best water systems is always worth the cash. Hear us out:

You need water to live. Like, you’d die without it. However, the water that comes right out of your tap is not water. It’s actually a little bit of water, mixed in with more than 300 other chemicals and contaminants. This includes pesticides, herbicides, and poisons that are used to kill bugs and plants. This includes heavy minerals like mercury and lead that are known to have an devastating impact on our health. This includes poisons used to “clean” the bacteria and toxins and hard water that naturally occurs in the water. There are studies that show auto-immune disorders and cancers and complications during pregnancy are all linked to tap water.

So what does one do to find the best water systems and gain access to clean, chemical and poison and metal free water? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of a few common in home water purification systems, to help you decide the best water systems for your lifestyle.

Three Ways to Get Access to Clean Water

  1. Bring in bottled water.

    For a nominal fee, you can have jugs of purified water delivered to your door, or you can refill your jugs yourself at your local grocery store. This solution requires the least amount of work to set up, but much more ongoing work and money to keep clean water on hand in your home.

    Pros: Bottled water is a great solution if you don’t want to spend much money installing water filtration systems, or you are renting your home and can’t make changes to the infrastructure of your home. If you research the purification process that your bottle water undergoes, you might be able to find bottled water that is extremely good quality.

    Cons: Where to begin? The plastic jugs that the water comes in can leech chemicals into the water, which makes it just as unhealthy as unfiltered water. Sometimes the bottled water is literally just tap water (Do your research!). Plastic bottles are very bad for the environment.
  2. Reverse Osmosis
    The best reverse osmosis systems work by filtering the water through a thin membrane. Osmosis only allows the water molecules themselves to permeate the membrane, so the contaminants are left on the other side of the membrane.

    Pros: Reverse osmosis is an effective way to remove a lot of the contaminants that you don’t want to be drinking, such as arsenic, asbestos, chlorine, and fluoride.
    Cons: The Reverse Osmosis process wastes a lot of water. We’re talking, it wastes more water than is purifies. This is also a very slow process, taking an hour for every gallon of water that is purified. Also, the reverse osmosis process removes minerals that are good for you. If you use this process to clean your water, you might want to consider adding the minerals back in.

  3. Distilled Water
    When you get an in home water distiller, the water is purified by boiling it, so that it turns into a steam. The steam is collected and then converted back into a liquid. Since only the actual water molecules (and only a few molecules that vaporize at the same temperature as water) convert to steam during the boiling process, the steam that is converted back to water is free of many contaminants.

    Pros: This process removes more contaminants and does not waste as much water as reverse osmosis.

    Cons: The water distillation process still allows the chemicals that convert to gas at the same or lower temperatures as water into the filtered water. Also, in home water distillation equipment requires a big up front investments and uses a lot of energy to constantly boil water.

Every water filtration system has its own set of pros and cons. Finding the best water filtration system for your needs is an important step in achieving a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family.

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