How Street Cleaning Services Keep Our Roads Safe

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Have you ever noticed a piece of trash in the road? Maybe you?ve seen a really dirty street, and it stood out to you. That?s probably because the road is usually clean and not cluttered with debris. On your average day, you drive down many roads without ever questioning why they?re so clean or how they got to be that way. Just like your house, your car and the rest of your belongings, roads don?t remain clean on their own. They aren?t naturally resistant to debris, dirt and clutter. You clean your home regularly, get car washes and make sure your clothes are clean before you wear them. Roads operate the same way. They take maintenance, cleaning and repairing in order to stay in great shape so we can drive down them without issues.

So, how do they get so clean? Street sweeper trucks and parking lot cleaning services maintain roads throughout the country. Without parking lot cleaners and the best street sweeping service, our roads would probably look a lot different. It would also affect our ability to drive and get around, especially in urban areas that have a lot of traffic.

This type of cleaning has been around since the 19th century when machines were first invented for cleaning the streets. Since then, the machines have been adapted and the streets have been constantly maintained. Today, it takes around 134,714 people to do the job for 9,224 different companies that offer parking lot cleaning services and street sweeping services. The U.S. road and highway industry employees these individuals. This industry also generates around $42 billion in revenue throughout the country by maintaining roads and highways.

What all do street sweepers and parking lot cleaners do to keep our streets clean and safe to drive on? Keep reading to see a list of why these services are essential in our country.

1. Collecting debris

One of the main things street cleaners do is clear the streets of any debris. This could be anything from paper, to leaves, to other debris that collect in the street or the curb gutters. By collecting it and removing it, street cleaners prevent the debris from gathering and becoming a larger issue. Over a year, these services are successful at removing several tons of debris from streets. In the long run, this prevents pollutants in stormwater runoff.

2. Clear stormwater facilities

By removing the debris, this does more than clean up the streets for driving. It also cleans up any blockages in stormwater facilities. If these facilities are clogged, it can result in flooding during heavy rainfalls. That, in turn, can be make roads more dangerous to drive on.

3. Minimizing pollutants

Clearing debris also minimizes the number of pollutants on our streets and in stormwater runoff. By getting rid of the debris instead of letting it gather, large and microscopic pollutants are minimized. Such runoff pollutants often contains heavy metals and pesticides that are not safe. If this isn?t done, water in urbanized areas can become impaired by runoff that is full of pollutants, according to a report by the National Water Quality Inventory.

So, the next time you drive safely down a street during a storm or you consider how clean your water is, don?t forget how that happened. It takes effort and work from thousands of employees across the country to maintain the cleanliness of our streets and the safety of our water. Without parking lot cleaning services and street sweeper services, our experience driving on the road might not be the same. Let us know in the comments below what your experience has been with clean street or sweeper trucks.

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