Three Time Saving Excel Tips!

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Spreadsheets are vital for every business, but chances are you’re underutilizing the program. Microsoft Excel training videos can give you a full, comprehensive understanding of how the program’s run, and how you can make better, more efficient sheets for work. Here’s a sample of some tips that an Excel training video can give you.

Highlight all cells referenced by a formula.

This can be a huge timesaver when you’re debugging a worksheet. According to the Excel training video, you can highlight teh cell and press Control and the open square bracket ( CTRL-[ ). Then, Excel highlights all the cells that the formula references and moves the current selection to the first referenced cell. Press enter, and the selection will move to the next reference.

Highlight the formulas that reference the current cell.

Inversely, you can do highlight the formulas that reference the current cell by pressing Control and the close square bracket ( CTRL-] ), according to the Excel training video. The selection will once again more from reference to reference each time you press enter.

Add content or formatting to multiple sheets simultaneously.

When you want to add content, or apply formatting to multiple sheets on a multisheet spreadsheet, you can group the sheets together, according to the Excel training video. When you group the sheets, any content or formatting that you add to on esheet will also get added to all the other sheets, so that you can add headers to one sheet and it’ll automatically appear on each of the grouped pages. You can group sheets by right clicking on any of the tabs in the lower left of the window, and hitting Select All Sheets. If you don’t want to select all, and just a few, hold down the Control key and click the tabs of the wanted sheets. When you group multiple sheets, Excel adds the word “[Group]” after the sheet’s name in the title bar.

There are plenty of other videos offered as well, like leadership training videos, employee training videos, business training videos and workplace training videos! If you have any questions about Excel, or any the Excel training video, feel free to ask in the comments!

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