This is What You Need to Understand About OSHA Compliance for Workplace Safety

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OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is concerned with ensuring that all Americans have a safe workplace. This ranges from lifting equipment to rigging courses. For the most part, there?s a lot of options available when it comes to ensuring safety in the workplace. Here?s a few important facts you should know about what OSHA is doing.

Safety Nets

If temporary floors and scaffolds are not being used, but the potential fall distance is further than 25 feet, safety nets can be used in order to lessen exposure. Even if someone falls while working, they will be effectively suspended in place. Fall equipment is either personal fall arrest that secures one person (like a lifeline) or a general fall arrest (like a net) that can help anyone who happens to fall.

Falling Happens Very Quickly

A fall happens quickly; a person can fall seven feet in less than a second. When OSHA tests fall arrest systems, they make sure equipment can handle up to 300 pounds of weight, which is much heavier than the typical person who would be relying on the material.

OSHA Offers a Wide Variety of Teaching Materials

OSHA offers numerous ways for employers and employees to get educated regarding current standards. They offer written pamphlets as well as safety instructional videos. Additionally, companies can sign their employees up for fall protection courses — these are typically offered by third parties that ensure businesses are up to date regarding certain safety laws. This can help prevent liability issues in the future. A slip and fall accident can cost a company thousands or even millions of dollars if it can be determined that they were ultimately at fault for it.

How Can Rigging Equipment Help You?

Rigging courses are often an important part of understanding how to safely use rigs. Improperly used safety equipment is not only an ineffective way to ensure workplace safety, but it can also create a false sense of security. Employees will behave as if fall safety measures are in place, not realizing that a fall could effectively injure or kill them. Once you know how to use rigging hardware, you know how to be safe. Did you know, for example, that some rigging hardware is required to support 3,000 pounds of potential pressure?

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