The Life Cycle of Concrete Companies

In any industry, starting and growing a business represents a huge challenge for entrepreneurs. The concrete pouring industry is no different. In the YouTube video “How to Start and Grow a Concrete Business,” the expert shows how he grew his concrete pouring business through smart business decisions.

During the early days, his business mostly serviced swimming pools that needed concrete pouring. Through hard work and professionalism, the demand for their services grew so much that he needed to find a way to meet the rising demand.

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Haverkamp’s first move was to order concrete pouring from volumetric trucks for a trial. This move worked so well that he ended up buying a mixer.

The new mixer worked well for three or four mixes a day but was out-of-date compared to the new mixers on the market. Haverkamp desired a new mixer for his business but was hamstrung financially. Eventually, he decided to start selling concrete in addition to his normal concrete pouring routine. The new concrete selling venture picked up slowly, and Haverkamp was able to gather money to buy two brand-new mixers.

His mixer fleet has grown in variety over time, and his company has been able to prosper and become one of the most reliable concrete companies thanks to a series of shrewd business decisions.


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