The Importance Of Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns In The United States

There’s no doubt about it that marketing and advertising campaigns have changed in recent years. With the advent of the internet and the widespread use of technology, the way that we advertise – and are advertised to – will never be the same. In fact, more than half (around fifty one percent) of the typical advertising budget will be spent on online forms of marketing, such as through the use of popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat and LinkedIn. Email marketing campaigns are also commonplace, and consistently advertise to people located all over the country.

It can be all too easy of a thing to assume that direct mail forms of marketing have become obsolete, but this is far from the truth. Even with the advent of newer and shinier forms of advertising and marketing here in today’s modern world, direct mail marketing campaigns still remain the powerhouses of the advertising and marketing world, so to speak. Direct mail marketing companies are even more successful than those that deal with online advertisements, and the greatest response is typically seen by these companies instead of the ones that deal with more digital forms of advertising methods, a fact that would come as a surprise to many types of people.

But there are a number of reasons that direct mail marketing campaigns have remained such strong contenders in the advertising world, preferred by more than half of all consumers and potential customers (around fifty six percent, to be more exact). For one, fifty four percent of all customers simply view direct mail marketing campaigns as more trustworthy. Though computers have been around for a while at this point, and using them is mostly safe, making the wrong click or the wrong download can still open up a whole can of worms. If an advertisement doesn’t look one hundred percent legitimate, people are more likely than not to avoid it at all costs. With direct mail marketing you, of course, do not have this problem. At the very worst, direct mail marketing poses a very minor annoyance instead of a very real threat.

And there is something about direct mail marketing, about having a piece of paper directly in your hands, that connects to people on a far deeper level. For one, direct mail marketing campaigns are more likely than any other type of advertising campaign to get people out of their homes and into the stores to buy the goods or services (or both) that have been advertised. In fact, data backs this up quite clearly, showing that more than ninety percent of all consumers and potential customers here in the United States (ninety two percent if you are looking to be more exact) would choose direct mail marketing campaigns over all other types of marketing and advertising campaigns as a way to direct their overall shopping experience.

Other than a feeling of safety that is gained by direct mail marketing, many people prefer it because it feels like a system of advertisements that is very tailored to their wants and needs. While online forms of advertisements are becoming more adept at the personalization of ads, more direct forms of advertisements are still better able to provide a much more personal advertisement experience with more than thirty percent of direct mail marketing campaigns providing useful and tailored content to the people of the United States. And there’s something about holding a physical copy of something in your hands that makes it more memorable, with more than half of all people in the United States remembering information from direct mail marketing campaigns, a percentage that is much higher than when compared to recall abilities relating to online marketing campaigns.

When it comes to advertising forms, the direct mail campaign is still going strong. Though other and more flashy forms of marketing have come onto the scene and become prevalent in recent years, forms of direct mail marketing still rule the roost, so to speak. Marketing and advertising are hugely important in the United States, and their importance cannot be overlooked here in the United States or anywhere else.

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