How Retail Price Tag Software Can Elevate Your Business Model

Why should you be using retail price tag software? Your grocery store signage is crucial, and retail signage software provides makes it easier to leverage the power of signage to make sure it’s doing good things for your business.

Why Your Signs and Tags Must Be Right

About 82% of the buying decisions that shoppers make happen in the store. As consumers look at your signs and tags, you only have a moment to get their attention and keep it. And since each of them is making six to 10 impulse purchases every time they visit a store, their attention is invaluable to you. It’s not just the big signs that get their attention, either. The shelf tags are equally important, especially to those consumers who are carefully reading them to evaluate every purchase before they make it.

How Software Helps You Get it Right

Why would you need retail price tag software? For one thing, your competitors have it. They’re using it to control their prices and turn on a dime to respond to change. You need to have this power, too. Over half of retailers report recognizing that it is very important to be able to respond quickly to changes in competitor pricing.

What Does Retail Price Tag Software Do?

It gives you a lot of power to change things up on your retail price tags and shelf-edge promotional strategy, and do so quickly.

  • You can allow the consumer to differentiate products quickly and easily.Helping them find what they need, while at the same time highlighting your products? That’s a win for you no matter how you look at it.
  • You get a more professional look to your displays.Professional looks equate to authority in the mind of the viewer. That means they’ll pay just a bit more attention to what those signs and tags are telling them.
  • You can make adjustments on the fly.Your information sits in a valuable database where you can plan out long-term pricing strategies, or adjust based on your competitor’s plans.
  • You can customize your design. Good retail price tag software will come with plenty of choices of pre-loaded design, but you can also make yours stand out from the crowd by making your own.
  • You have a constant record of changes.There’s no need to guess or go back through paper files to try and remember what you did before. Every change, every price fluctuation is there for you to reference when you need to as you plan for the future.
  • You can add special information.You can upgrade the value of your shelf tags by adding things like product information, recipies, illustrations, or even codes that consumers can scan to get more information and help you engage with them.

Despite the online e-commerce revolution, 94% of all retail sales are still happening in brick-and-mortar stores. People are coming in your store, and statistics show that nearly 70% of them will make a purchase because a sign got their interest. Whether it’s the printed sign on the wall or the sings on your shelves, what is your signage doing for you?

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