The Case for The Portable Toilet

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When embarking on a major construction project or hosting a large event, it can be difficult to figure out some essential details that can sometimes escape notice (that is, until the event occurs and you realize how important and essential such details truly are). For one, bathrooms are of utmost necessity for any type of construction project or event, and sometimes traditional bathrooms either can’t handle the number of people in attendance or, in cases of major construction, aren’t there to begin with. In situations like these, portable toilet rentals, commonly referred to as port-a-potties, can provide the solution.

Traditional toilets use up a lot of water. In fact, 70 gallons are used in one toilet, for one individual, for one day in a typical single family home. A family toilet actually makes up at least 25% of the monthly water bill for most households. For a large event where a toilet will be in high demand, this number could skyrocket astronomically. Portable toilet rentals can help to mitigate this, having been proven to save up to 45 billion gallons of water every year.

For large events like concerts, often hosted in open spaces away from traditional toilets or attracting enough people that a traditional toilet and plumbing system would not be practical or possible, portable rental toilets are an absolute necessity. In fact, there should be at least one portable toilet for every sixty people at a concert. If alcohol is served at an event, it’s been shown that bathroom usage will increase. The number of restroom trailers and portable toilet rentals should be increased by at least 13% to accommodate the extra use that will occur. Portable toilets are also ideal for large , temporary event set ups like these because they are easily removable by bulk waste pick-up and disposal services, making clean up easy and sanitary.

Portable rental toilets are also a necessity for many construction sites. It’s recommended that there be at least one portable rental toilet for every seven people working full time (at least 40 hours a week) at a construction site.

Portable toilet rentals are a godsend for high volume events or construction projects. They’re environmentally friendly as well as cost effective and should be considered a safe and sanitary alternative to traditional plumbing and bathroom amenities.

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