How To Stand out from other Tradeshow Exhibitors?

Custom trade show booth

The U.S. trade show industry earned approximately $12.8 billion in revenue for 2016. Almost 49% of trade show attendees plan on purchasing one or more of the products exhibited according to Exhibit Surveys. Also, according to CEIR, an estimated 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority. Not only that, but the majority of trade show attendees (78%) travel over 400 miles to reach their destination.

With a custom trade show booth design, your business can get their fair share of sales. So, how is the best way to get ready and stand out from the other tradeshow exhibitors?
It has been found that approximately 92% of trade show attendees are actively looking for new products.
Hiring trade show display designers is advised for businesses new to trade shows. On average, if one in every four trade show attendees is a potential buyer, your booth needs to be able to accommodate an estimated 800 visitors during a typical trade show. The size and theme of the booth are very important considerations. With a custom trade show booth design, you can attract attendees that stay longer and feel comfortable and intrigued.

A 10? x 10? is one of the most common sizes of booth available at trade shows and conventions. If you decide to use this sign, every inch counts. An overall rule of thumb for booth design graphics is that they should be 40% empty space. Almost half of your graphics space should be totally blank. That way it does not overwhelm the viewer. White space gives the attendee time to think about what they want to buy.

Unique custom trade show booth design will make your display stand out from the rest and may include a modular panel, a fabric popup, a panel glide or other progressive idea. Using a truss in your design can also be attractive rather than using an ordinary display.

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