The Basic Elements Needed for General Contractor Websites

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of websites for general contractors, consider some of the basics surrounding marketing and the contracting field. According to some research, US adults spent about 7 hours 50 minutes consuming digital media per day, in the year 2020, which was up 15% (59 minutes) over the average daily time spent in 2019. Adults are spending more time online, which shows the importance of having proper and up-to-date techniques in place for optimizing your site through search engine results. SEO for general contractors typically involves what all websites require, however websites for general contractors may benefit from some additional steps.

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Having an appealing and easy-to-read theme for the site is a great place to start when improving marketing for general contractors. It is important to discuss on the home page exactly what services and projects your contractor business offers. Having personal photos in the construction business will let the potential clients know the quality of your equipment and tools, and feel more personable with you from the start.


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