Different Types of Medical Professionals

This video is to inform viewers about different types of medical professionals. The medical field is very broad since there are many different specialties depending on the body part that needs attention. To become a medical professional, you will need years of training in the profession. This includes a four-year degree in a medical-related field like biology and similar majors.

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Then a medical school education is needed in order to receive your Ph.D., so you’ll earn the title of “doctor”. After graduating from medical school, you will start your residency anywhere in the world, where you will get to experience different fields of medicine. That could be anywhere from primary care and more. This can mean that you work in urgent care and clinics specific to the sector of medicine. So what types of doctors are there?

Medical professionals range very far and wide. You have emergency medicine, which handles emergencies. You also have dermatologists who handle skin-related medical issues. An ob-gyn helps with pregnancy and birth. Pediatricians focus on children and sports medicine focuses on the health of athletes. There are many different kinds of doctors that help with all types of issues, so do your research to find out what they are!


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