The Art of Molybdenum Production and Processing of Metal Alloys

Molybdenum Alloy and Its Uses
Molybdenum manufacturers produce the metal using powder metallurgy techniques. The Mo powder is the raw material, which is sintered and hydrostatically compacted at 2100°C by Molybdenum manufacture. This results to tough metal alloys with high tolerance that prevents it from breaking easily and imperfections. It is known to be the element with the highest melting point; Molybdenum has a high melting point of 4,748 degrees Fahrenheit.

Uses of Molybdenum
The fact that Molybdenum has the highest melting point makes the excellent element to create furnace electrodes that can withstand a lot of electrical heat. This alloy is also used in making electrical filaments. Molybdenum works perfectly for the nuclear power industry, and it’s the best choice for aircraft and missile parts. The toughness of Molybdenum is unique, and it can withstand a lot of pressure without curving in.

The most common use of Molybdenum is the creation of super strong steel. It is mixed with steel with concentration from 0.25% up 8%, and the alloy products can withstand the extreme pressure that can be up to 300, 000 pounds per square inch. Fully integrated molybdenum manufacturer around the world produces high quality raw metals and alloys.

Molybdenum improves the quality of steel; when this element is mixed with nickel, the resultant product is corrosion and heat resistant material, which is used in the chemical manufacturing industries.

Tungsten is another metal of steel used in making molybdenum alloys. Tungsten only appears naturally when combined in four major mineral forms with calcium, iron or manganese. It is exceptionally strong and can resist molten zinc.

Alloys of molybdenum possess unique properties, mostly the great strength against high temperatures, high and low thermal expansion, and electrical conductivity. Molybdenum also has compounds that are used in different ways. Molybdenum disulphide is compound which works as an efficient temperature lubricant and the Molybdenum trioxide compound is used to stick enamels onto metals.

Other compounds of molybdenum include molybdenum phosphide, molybdenum hexafluoride, and molybdic acid and can be used in different ways by a molybdenum manufacturer.

Products of Molybdenum

Chemical Molybdenum products
This is used in polymer compounding, catalysts, lubricant formulations, and corrosion inhibitors. They include molybdates and molybdic oxide.

Meltstock products
These are alloy additions to steel, nickel, titanium and iron alloys. The meltstock products include ferromolybdenum and molybdenum metal pellets.

Molybdenum metal products
They include Mo metal alloy, Mo-base alloy and powder, and all products fabricated from the products.

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