Summer’s Almost Here It’s Time to Go Through the Closets Again for Charitable Donations

Pick up clothing donations

If you’d like to know where to donate household items, veterans charities such as The Military Order of the Purple Heart, accept clothing and household textiles. Clothing donations for veterans can be conveniently picked up at your home, office, or organizational facility by GreenDrop.

Roughly 100 tons of used clothes, electronics, and household goods are prevented from ending up in landfills every week as a result of GreenDrop’s combined efforts. In addition to its 30 free-standing locations, GreenDrop has mobile trailers that are able to collect these charitable donations.

Every year, almost 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other types of textiles are thrown away by the average person in the United States. Americans, in general, tend to only donate or recycle 15% of the clothing that they no longer wear.

On a more positive note, many Americans make a concerted effort to recycle or make used clothing donations. As a result, roughly 4.7 billions pounds are donated every year as opposed to being thrown away in dumpsters or other types of trash bins.

If you’re not sure what types of clothing or household textiles can be recycled, it’s important to note that nearly 100% of these items can be recycled. Furthermore, the condition of these materials isn’t an issue. In addition to being used for other purposes, such as rags and furniture stuffing, 45% of recycled clothing can be worn again.

Since summer is almost here, you may be going through your family’s closets. When you encounter clothes that they have outgrown or rarely wear, you can just put them in a bag or box for GreenDrop to pick up. When convenient, you may also choose to take these items to clothing drop off locations.

Given the power of social media, you are probably planning to encourage others to make donations by posting a brief comment at your favorite sites. Most social media users, or about 70% of these individuals, will usually take action when a friend has made a post about donating to charitable organizations.

You can let your family, friends, and colleagues know where to donate household items as well as clothing. Furthermore, when you make these and similar posts, you are also taking an active part in promoting America’s, and The Military Order of the Purple Heart’s, recycling efforts.

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