Does Your Office Employ a Janitorial Service?

A janitor business offers a range of cleaning services to its customers. Such businesses typically offer their services to professional offices and institutions. A cleaning service provider is often referred to as a janitor and cleaner.

For many institutions, a janitorial department deals with the cleanliness of the working environment. The janitor service companies provide services for a day, an event, or over long periods through a contract.

Usually, janitor cleaner jobs are daily tasks that create a form of consistent cleanliness in a working or commercial environment. There are a variety of janitorial job duties, including;
• Vacuuming
• Sweeping
• Cleaning windows and mirrors
• Collecting and disposing of garbage
• Dusting furniture
• Cleaning toilets
• Restocking toilet supplies
• Disinfecting sensitive and high-traffic areas and items
• Changing light bulbs

Opting for a cleaning service is suitable for more labor-intensive work such as a deep clean. You may require such services only once in a while.

The scope of work a janitorial service company will take varies. To determine which company will work best, find out what services they offer beforehand and specify what you want to be done. Contact a janitor business near you.

When your supervisor at the Montessori daycare asked about tips for hiring a janitorial service, you took her seriously. In fact, you not only gave her a list of the cleaning tasks that you expected to be completed, you also wrote her a detailed note explaining some of her the greatest concerns you have about the cleaning process throughout the building:

The teaching staff has a growing concern about the several of the cleaning practices of the current company. Some of the problems stem from the fact that the owners have eliminated the deep cleaning service that used to occur on weekends. Specifically, the staff is concerned about the cleanliness of the kitchen. It is difficult to trust the health of the food that comes out of the kitchen when the kitchen itself is not clean.

Because the five year contract with the school’s hired janitorial system is up for renewal, and while you think that the district will likely renew, procedure should require that the supervisors go through the process of taking bids again. As part of the process, the director asked the staff to share any concerns about the current service and encouraged the staff to also ask any questions that they might have. For this reason, several of the staff members have some pretty specific comments about some areas that are not getting cleaned as well as they should be.

From dirt not being vacuumed out from under the cribs to the tiles in the entryway, the current cleaning crew is not paying enough attention to the details that should be important to any location that is serving infants and preschooler, many of whom are still crawling or spending time on the ground.
Tips for Hiring a Janitorial Service Can Help You Make Sure That You Get the Service That You Want
The biggest mistake individual home owners and business owners both make when they are hiring a cleaning service is no being specific enough in their wishes. For instance, are you particularly concerned about the small space between the back of a toilet and the floor board? Do you want a certain kind of cleaner used in the kitchen, or do you want to make sure that the windows in the front door are cleaned every cleaning visit?
In all honesty, the benefits of hiring a cleaning service are erased if you do not have the courage to explain in detail what the cleaning tasks and priorities should be. The best tips for hiring a janitorial service are to be more detailed and specific than you think you need to be, and to make sure that you have a walk through observation once a month to make sure that the specific desired tasks are being completed.
Office Kitchen Areas Can be Breeding Grounds for Mold and Other Concerns
Outsourced janitorial services can be a real advantage, if you can trust that they are doing all of the work that needs to be done. Consider some of this information about the cleaning industry in America, especially as it applies to office kitchens and health clubs

  • 33% of respondents believe their phone and their keyboard are the dirtiest items in their office, yet less than 10% indicate that they clean these items very often.
  • 50% of respondents to a Staples survey indicated that colleagues leave dirty dishes in the office kitchen.
  • 100% of workers say they are concerned with catching a virus at work.
  • An uncleaned desk can harbor 400 times more bacteria than a typical toilet seat.
  • 88% of adults will not exercise in an athletic facility of gym if they find it to have cleanliness issues.
  • 72% of adults will not exercise in gyms with unpleasant odors.
  • 84% of of health club members perceive their club to be clean.
  • 90% of who consumers who perceive their health club as extremely clean indicate that they are likely to renew their membership.
  • Indoor air pollution levels can be as much as 100 times higher than outdoor air pollution levels because of chemical cleaning products, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports.

If you are trying to find tips for hiring a janitorial service, the best place to start is with the current employees and the current customers.

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