Simple Design Tips for Your Next Trade Show

Trade show concept.Your company has created a highly innovative product that is sure to change the industry and become a household name, but without the proper marketing strategy, it is unlikely that you will reach your full potential and achieve the success your brilliant idea deserves.

Trade shows are the ideal venue in which to gain exposure for your brand, but the design of your custom exhibit display is fundamental in earning effective publicity. A custom exhibit design firm can help you take your display beyond the basics in order to impress and engage potential leads.

Simple Design Tips for Your Next Trade Show

Choose the right font: Visibility and readability are partially determined by typography or font. In order to attract visitors to your exhibit and communicate with them, your information must be easily seen and understood. Sans-serif fonts like Helvetica are widely regarded as the easiest to read. The size of the font is important, as well. One rule of thumb is to add an inch to the font for every foot away the viewer will be standing. For example, add 10 inches to the font size if you anticipate that viewers will read your text from 10 feet away.

Carefully plan your graphics layout: One thing to consider about exhibit graphics design is the use of blank space. Graphics space should be 40% blank. Long-range graphics should be set as high up as possible; medium-range graphics should sit just above the average visitor’s eye level, and short-range graphics should fall within five and six feet above the floor.

Use no more than three colors: The goal of your custom exhibit display is to get a simple message across in the least amount of time. Using too many different colors can make the booth feel “busy” and will complicate the message.

By hiring a professional designer or trade show booth builder , you will learn more about the aforementioned techniques along with many more invaluable marketing methods. Trade show exhibit designers have the experience and understanding of graphic design marketing required to identify and display your brand’s strengths, and to make your booth the most impressive and memorable at the trade show. nike air max bw nike air max bw nike air max bw

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