Outdoor LED Business Signs 101 The 3 Best Ways to Use Them

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Did you just open your business? Or maybe you opened a new branch? Perhaps your business is one of the oldest in the area! Any kind of business can benefit from outdoor LED business signs . They are fun, bright, and customizable. But most importantly they do far more to bring in customers than more traditional, static signs. You can use full color LED signs to communicate with customers as well as present your business to the public.

Signs are very important for the current and future health of your business. A significant portion of your customers and prospective customers wouldn’t even know your business existed if you didn’t have some kind of sign. If you increase the size of your sign your revenue can increase over 7%. Best Buy, one of the most successful businesses in the electronics sector, attributes a whopping 17% of its customer base just to its signs!

So now that you know how helpful signs can be, you must be wondering how you can use them to your advantage. The first step is to choose from a selection of outdoor LED business signs. Why outdoor LED business signs in particular? Because they are the best kind of sign you can get! Also known as digital signs for business, these signs offer a far wider selection of uses than more traditional signs.

If you already have an LED sign from a good LED sign company, you may be wondering how you can use it. Look no further, because here are three awesome uses for outdoor LED business signs!

  • Show your personality. The flexibility that LED signs offer allows you to do more than simply present the name of your business, possibly with a short catchphrase. No longer do you have to worry about being charged per letter for a custom-made sign. Now you are able to customize your sign as often as you need or want! Some possibilities include matching the colors to the colors associated with your business, or simply using the colors proven to be the most eye-catching (*cough* red and yellow *cough*). You can also use the sign to communicate with your current customers (more on that in a bit). LED signs offer a high-energy, vibrant way to engage new and old customers.

  • Communicate. As previously mentioned, LED signs are extremely useful for communicating with customers. Maybe you recently changed your hours. Maybe you have a sale going on. Maybe you are offering a new service or product. Maybe you are expanding. Whatever your message, you can show it to your customers with outdoor LED signs.

  • Visibility! Never underestimate the power of more eyes passing over your sign. Many customers are won and lost over the quality or existence of a business’s sign. I know you don’t want your business to fall behind or struggle over something as simple as the missed opportunities of people wandering in out of curiosity because they saw your sign. Visibility is the Number 1 rule of business but it is easy to forget after you have already opened up shop. But many businesses fail or go into the red because they do not keep up their advertisement and exposure efforts.

I hope you found these points useful. Whether you are just starting out or already a business mogul it always helps to have a few reminders of why the age-old art of signs is still alive and well. Just as in every other sector, signs have upgraded their technology, and any good business regularly updates its technology. Make sure to take advantage of the cutting edge in LED signs and watch your revenues soar!

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