Security Systems Provide Peace of Mind to Both Home and Business Owners

A recent book about the burning of the main Los Angeles city library in the 1980s is a fascinating take about the destruction of a beloved public institution. More than just covering the books that were destroyed that day, The Library Book by Susan Orlean also covers the cities efforts to safe the items that could be salvaged and the equally heroic efforts that were made to rebuild one of our nation’s greatest public institutions: a library. Part love story, part crime story, part history, Orlean’s tale of the information that she gathered through research and interviews makes for a fascinating book for anyone who loves to read. In addition, Orlean interviews a number of fire fighting and arson specialists in her quest to uncover what really happened on that fateful morning of April 29, 1986.
Without any security company video technology, Orlean, like the arson investigators of the time, needed to rely on interviews with patrons and workers. Today, of course, almost all public spaces employ a security company to install surveillance cameras. In addition, today’s fire sprinkler systems are far more advanced and can help fire fighters prevent many problems. During the time of the Los Angeles city library fire there were people who already knew that the fire prevention methods were less than ideal, but even today there are buildings that are not as safe as they should be because they do not have the latest fire protection systems.

Security Company Offerings Provide Many Individuals and Businesses with a More Safe Environment

You do not have to be an avid reader or a historian to know that we live in a time when the services provided by a security company are important. In fact, even one evening of watching the news can show you that there are many times when both individuals and entire communities can benefit from the integrated security systems that are available today. And while no one family or business has as many items as a large city public library, there are many irreplaceable valuables that families treasure and the businesses depend on.
In addition to letting families set their alarm while they are away from their homes, many systems also have remote internet access that allows businesses the opportunity to turn a system off and on for special weekend deliveries. In fact, commercial security systems offer a number of upgrades and features that can these systems a worthwhile investment.

Unfortunately, 94% to 98% of alarm activations are false, but most systems have a built in delay before contacting a monitoring company. This delay time can range anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes. The next time you consider making an upgrade to your peace of mind it will likely be worth your time to invest in a security system that can help you protect your property, your belongings, and your family. Who knows? Maybe you will feel so comfortable and safe that you will stay up late at night in an empty home while your family is out of town and read a frightening tale of arson late into the night!

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