Quick and Easy Tips to Follow Concerning Charitable Donations

Wounded veterans charities

It is the end of the holiday season, and chances are you have most likely acquired a lot of new clothes and items. But it is important to think of the less fortunate and donate your gently used items to many of the different charity foundations in your town such as wounded veterans charities, purple heart veterans pick up, donations for non profit foundations, and green charities. To make sure your used clothing donations go to a good home, here are some of the best tips to follow.

Group together similar items

This is especially beneficial for household items, such as dishes, linens, and books with their bookcases. Use a rubber band to keep shoes together, and sort all of your clothing together by separates — think shirts, pants, dresses, sweaters, and dress clothes all in one separate bag.

Go through extra lengths to take care of fragile items

Always, always wrap the fragile items and make sure they are properly transported to the charity foundations of your choice. If needed, specifically mark the fragile items and hand them directly to the charity worker so they are properly protected.

Be environmentally friendly

It is a good idea to use reusable materials to carry your items. You will cut down on waste that the charity foundation has to get rid of, plus plastic containers are sturdier than typical cardboard boxes.

Less is more when it comes to packaging

Charitable foundations would rather you use more packaging than to crumple everything together. This will protect your items from accidentally becoming damaged, and the less a bag weighs the quicker it will take to process.

When in doubt, put it in the donation pile

It can be all to easy to hold on to something that has sentimental value, even if you haven’t worn it in a long time. But, to cut down on clutter and to give yourself more closet space make sure to donate something if you haven’t worn it for more than a year. Even if you are on the fence about donating, just put it in the pile as chances are it is not worthy enough for you to keep.

With these tips in mind, any and all of your donations will go by smoothly. Read more about this topic at this link.

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