Quality Transportation Infrastructure Tasks Demand Expert Civil Engineering

Lidar survey equipment

Civil engineering services provide the structural design expertise every project needs. In cases where the project includes transportation planning, enlisting the services of knowledgeable consultants ensures a safe operation and a project with the best chance of being completed on-time and under budget. The next few decades are almost certain to feature new infrastructure projects to alleviate the country?s ailing roads and bridges. Not only would repairs and additions to the roadways and bridges mean easier commuting for a growing population, roughly 1 in 3 fatal accidents are attributable to hazardous roads and substandard road conditions. Choosing a civil engineering company for any one of a variety of projects will allow you to take advantage of the latest technology and transportation planning techniques.

One of the critical aspects of civil engineering structural design in transportation planning is the availability of tools such as ground penetrating radar. GPR pavement evaluations provide accurate readings of the pavement thickness to reduce cores and testing. This benefit saves time and money and provides a safer environment for the construction crew. GPR also allows the civil engineering company to get a report of the material properties that contribute to accurate planning and a better, more durable resulting surface.

Bridges are particularly cumbersome civil engineering projects and a sector of the infrastructure that is in desperate need of repair. One-fourth of America?s bridges have been determined to be in significant disrepair and/or currently handling more traffic than they were designed to serve. Fixing failing bridges also benefits from the accuracy and time-saving of GPR pavement scanning and LiDAR surveying and photogrammetry . LiDAR and photogrammetry allow the civil engineers to compile a precise rendering of their projects through aerial photos and 3D mapping. Photographs provide a template around which 3D mapping can be performed while LiDAR uses lasers for a more accurate source for 3D modeling. These techniques are innovative answers to the longtime concerns over accuracy, efficiency, and cost.

Roads and bridges are vital to the economy and to providing safe access to the country for ordinary citizens. Repairing these roadways is among the most important and necessary of all municipal functions. Approaching a major infrastructure project without expert civil engineering consultation can lead to inadequate design, poor-quality construction, and expensive delays. Civil engineering services utilize the tools and know-how to make every project a success.

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