Make the Most Out of Your Trade Show Participation

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Trade shows are a great way to increase customer awareness, scope out business competition, and increase market knowledge. Trade shows put hundreds, sometimes thousands of potential customers in front of a business. It is a great investment and exceptional way to market, with minimal costs. However, an effective trade show participation requires planning and the creation of high quality trade show displays. Follow these trade show tips for making the most out of your trade show experience.

Research participants

You cannot effectively plan for the type of customers you will come across during the trade show, without first knowing what type of customers will be there. Before signing up for a trade show, ensure that it is beneficial to your business and its goals. Find out who the trade show creators are marketing to. Find out what types of clients or customers are signing up for it, and what types of services they are looking for. Also, it can be helpful to question previous year?s trade shows. Find out how many customers showed up, how long they stayed for, and how many vendors have chosen to return to this year?s trade show.

Plan to grab attention

If you have ever been to a trade show before, you know how busy and hectic it can get. If you do not grab customer’s attention within just a couple of seconds, you are likely to lose them altogether. Your trade show booth needs to contain bright, interesting, and colorful trade show displays. Your entire trade show exhibit should be interactive and not too pushy. Customers who have the ability to scan at their own pace, without being bombarded are more likely to show interest.

It is also important to carefully select the specific trade show displays that you will use. Not only do they have to grab the customer?s attention, but they also have to be able to read it from very far away. As a font size, a good rule of thumb is to add an inch of height to the font for every foot away that viewers will stand. If you want visitors to read your text comfortably from 10 feet away, for example, add 10 inches to the font size. You should also play around with things like colors and graphics to increase visibility.

Establish goals

You can easily get lost in the busyness of the trade show. Establish your goals ahead of time, and then attempt to achieve those goals. The top 3 goals for exhibitors at trade shows are brand awareness, lead generation, and relationship building. Figure out which one is most important to you for this specific trade show and then work towards that goal. Things like your trade show displays and conference displays will support this goal.

Offer discounts or prizes

You have to find a way to stand out against your competitors at the trade show. There are likely to be numerous other convention displays, similar to yours. In addition to grabbing the customer attention, you can also provide them with discounts on services or prizes for listening to or taking your information. You can also request their contact information in return for an entrance into a drawing. This is a common way to increase your brand awareness, while also interacting with additional potential customers.

Some customers are not okay with unsolicited emails and phone calls. Remember, if you offer this type of an incentive to collect customer?s information to request their permission. This can easily be done by adding a notification box at the bottom of the form. If they check the box, they are accepting communication from your business. If they do not, you cannot contact them, but you should still enter them into the drawing.

Trade shows provide many benefits for businesses. The 3 most valued aspects of trade shows were, 60% of exhibitors said they value the ability to see lots of prospects and customers at the same time, 51% said they value face to face meetings, and 47% said they value the ability to meet with a variety of players face to face, such as customers, suppliers, resellers, and etc.

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