Pharmaceutical Packaging It’s More Important Than You’d Think

E-pedigree serialisation

More and more often, pharmaceutical medication is being shipped to the front doors of patients, rather than being dispensed by local pharmacies. The fact is that due to changes in the practices of insurance companies, now more than ever people are relying on shipping to get their medications. This can make some uncomfortable. Pharmaceutical medications have always been somewhat difficult to keep track of, especially when one person has multiple prescription. With some prescription medications fetching a high price on the black market, it’s important to know that people are getting the medication they actually need, rather than bucking the system. There is also the concern of giving the wrong medication to a person who possesses actual illnesses. You shouldn’t have to worry about you or a loved one taking the wrong type of medication. Luckily, thanks to a technology called e-pedigree serialisation, you don’t have to. E-pedigree serialisation is a type of pharma serialisation, and it’s vital to the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to keep track of medication. By learning about the different aspects of e-pedigree serialisation and pharmaceutical packaging, you’ll be better able to understand how this medication can be tracked and accounted for.

E-Pedigree Serialisation: How It Works

Firstly, we must answer the questions of what pharmaceutical serialisation is, and how it works. This process is not simple. Essentially, an e-pedigree is an electronic document. This document provides data on the history of a particular batch of a drug. This means that once the pharmaceutical serialisation of a specific medication is looked up — whether at the pharmacy or during shipping — everything about that drug can be looked up quickly and efficiently. It simplifies the process of tracking and dispensing medication in a big way. However, it can be difficult to track medication without the right type of packaging. Some packaging types allow for pharma track and trace serialisation more easily than others. Bottle packaging, for example, often includes bar code serialisation for the identification of products. However, that isn’t the only advantage to bottle packaging. Nor is it the only type of pharmaceutical packaging on the market. There are many different types of pharmaceutical packaging available, as you’ll read below.

Different Types Of Pharma Packaging And How They Suit Different Medications

Different medications have different requirements. Less toxic medications may not require childproof seals; liquid medications, on the other hand, require containers that can expand and contract as needed. Let’s return to the subject of bottle packaging. For example, bottle packaging is sturdy and difficult to break. It doesn’t rip or tear, and thanks to liners and seals it keeps the elements away from the medication, and ensures that they are as secure as possible. You can know, looking at the packaging, whether or not it has been tampered with. Another reason why bottle packaging is so favored is its different types of caps. They can be twist off, snap off, or child safe. Bottle packaging is great for pills. However, it might not suit liquid medication. Liquid medication would be better served by pouches or sachets, which allow for easy access. They too have different types of seals — including child safe, strip seals, and easy to open rip and tear seals. These pouches are also easily disposed of. This is an added bonus when the medication in question can be toxic. Of course, this isn’t the only type of packaging on the market. Blister packaging is also commonly used. You may know of it as clamshell packaging. Often used to dispense birth control, it is easy to keep track of, but perhaps not as secure as bottle packaging. Still, blister packaging is valuable for its ease of access and transport. It also makes remembering to take your medication easy.

Pharmaceutical packaging may not be something people think of often. But it is important, and certainly shouldn’t be neglected. Serialisation helps us keep track of medication — and that makes it invaluable.

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