3 Things to Know On the Clinical and Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

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The pharmaceutical prescription drug industry is one of the largest, most powerful in America today. Many people don’t realize just how much goes into the world of things like clinical trial material supply, pharmaceutical serialisation, and blister packaging designs. Every prescription drug that’s made needs to be accounted for and properly packaged before it can make its way to pharmacies and eventually into your medicine cabinet.

One of the reasons plastic is used for the majority of clinical trial material supply is because of its durability, versatility, light weight, and inexpensive nature. Here are three various facts on the pharmaceutical drug packaging industry.

  1. Prevalence: Blister packaging is one of the industry’s standards. It is typically used to package unit dose pharmaceuticals in the United States, but many pharmaceutical companies require customized packaging for injectable products that include auto injector pens and sterilized bottles. Considering approximately half (48.5%) of Americans have used at least one prescription in the past 30 days, on average, there’s a reason an affordable and portable solution was required from clinical trial material supply.
  2. Special Material: Some blistering packaging is made with substances like foil and PVC to make for a more sturdy and durable product. Sometimes blister packages are made so that they can fold into itself. This is what’s known as “clamshell” packaging.
  3. Liquid Products: Due to its form, liquid drugs require a different form of packaging to transport. Liquid products are often packaged in products called pouches or sachets that provide easy opening and disposal for the patient without risking spills or leakage during transportation.

There are so many moving parts in the pharmaceutical industry, but packaging is certainly one of the biggest. U.S. pharmacy and drug store sales amounted to about $231.46 billion in 2011. The pharmaceutical packaging industry is a crucial part of the medical and healthcare industry overall. Without an efficient means to transport these important drugs, it would be nearly impossible for people to accurately and consistently receive the drugs they need for survival. Today, we live in a society where most people never have to think about these things, but it’s important to understand.

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