Is Natural Stone Right for You?

Marble slabs for sale

When constructing a building, choosing the material to make it out of is one of the most important choices. Architectural stone is a choice rising in popularity, and encompasses a range of natural stone materials.

Some, like marble, date back centuries to Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. It was used not just for building, but in their art as well. Marble slabs for sale (as well as ceramic slabs for sale) today can be used to enhance a kitchen with a beautiful counter top or even for flooring. In fact, marble flooring, when properly cared for and maintained, can last up to 100 years, making it an investment worth the initial prices. Marble counter tops, it has been said, can last practically forever.

When considering architectural stone, natural stone is becoming a more and more popular choice. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it’s also environmentally friendly, something that’s not only important for the good it does for our world but also something that can be helpful to businesses. In fact, having natural stone work in your hotel could increase your number of customers. A whopping 81% of travelers think that it’s important for their travel accommodations to be environmentally conscious and as environmentally friendly as possible. The use of natural stone in a hotel or other business lobby could be considerably beneficial for businesses, as the lobby is what makes or breaks the customer’s first impressions of the establishment.

Natural stone slabs also have a place outside of larger scale architecture. Almost 100% of homeowners investing in renovations are choosing natural stone options when looking to purchase architectural stone, both because of the environmental benefits and the aesthetics of it. Over 30% of customers have become environmentally conscious of their home renovation and construction choices and choose to support brands committed to environmental and social causes.

Choosing an architectural stone can be a difficult choice. You want to choose an architectural stone that’s not only beautiful but that can stand the test of time. It’s also becoming more and more important to choose natural stone that’s environmentally friendly.

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