How You Can Get Professional Finish With Powder Coating

The process involved in product manufacturing used to be very simple and easy many years ago. But in the modern world today, customers will simply ignore your products if they don’t have a professional finish. And even if a few customers bought your goods, they might just end up returning the items after just a few days.

Luckily for you, there are now effective solutions available so you can manufacture products with professional finishes without you spending a lot on additional expenses. Compared to using conventional paint, professional powder coating or liquid coatings can save you more money on production costs.

So if you don’t want your products to eat dust just sitting in your warehouse, read on to learn more about these materials that you can use to attain professional finishing for them.

Why You Should Use Powder Coating

Its features make it an outstanding choice for manufacturing industries – a longer-lasting finish, durability, lower environmental footprint, versatility, higher quality, and flexibility for use in a wide variety of materials.

Environmentally conscious individuals would also be glad to know that these coatings don’t contain solvents. Therefore, eco-conscious businesses choose it because it’s more friendly to the planet. Plus, it also doesn’t emit VOCs or volatile organic compounds.

Despite the fact that powder coating is 100% solids, this material does not require solvents in its formulation. That’s why it’s better than liquid coatings.

In addition to being non-flammable, this type of coating has excellent composition and thickness that provide superior resistance to corrosion. That’s why it’s the perfect choice if your manufacturing company wants to lessen maintenance costs while looking for the ideal material for items that will be exposed to high humidity and harsh weather. Plus, you will also get a longer-lasting finish as powder coating is more resistant to chipping and fading than traditional paint.

Another good thing about powder coats is that they can be recycled – either reused in material for new powder coating or disposed of responsibly and safely. The reason for this is the polyester film that encapsulates the powder can be repurposed by melting it down. If you are disposing of it, you can do it the same way you would recycle used oil at numerous facilities.

What Are Powder Coatings?

Powder coating, accounting for more than fifteen percent of the overall industrial finishing market, is the popular dry finishing process that is extensively used today. As a matter of fact, the appliance industry accounts for roughly one-third of all powder-coated industrial parts, accounting for the majority of the powder coating market.

This protective finish is applied to a product by spraying or baking it. The quick finishing process using a powder coat is where the dry film of particles undergoes oven curing at a high temperature after it has been electrostatically sprayed on the surface of the metallic product.

Varying Alternatives

Powder coating is versatile, and you can have different options when you use it for your product. Such examples of alternatives that can result in a one-of-a-kind finish include textures, finishes, colors, and complicated designs and patterns.

Using different amounts of powder or altering the film texture can produce various textures. If you use low-build films that consume less powder, you can get a more flexible, softer finish. On the other hand, you should use high-build films that contain more powder if you want to achieve a harder finish.

With colors, you can achieve unique color combinations by mixing pigments to your powder of choice, using various pigments in the powder, or even applying a colored topcoat. These days, there are many different types of pigments to choose from, from translucent and clear to colored and metallic pigments.

Achieve Manufacturing Success With Powder Coating

If your company is looking for a way to reduce maintenance and production costs, you will significantly benefit from going with powder coating because it is a less expensive alternative to conventional painting, and the process is relatively quicker than other processes used in finishing. So, don’t wait for your competitors to jump on the bandwagon before you do. With powder coating, you will also have a highly configurable solution at your fingertips that you can use to apply on almost anything that need a professional finish – from automobiles to household electronics.

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