First Steps Taken By Commercial Concrete Polishing Companies

Polished concrete flooring is becoming popular in office buildings, retail and commercial warehouses, and even residences. As a result, there has been an upsurge in recent months in demand for commercial concrete polishing companies. The YouTube video “Concrete Staining and Polishing.

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” provides a brief overview of the work carried out by most concrete polishing companies.

The first step is to use a diamond grinder with a 40 grit setting to remove any remaining glue before filling any joints and cracks with polyuria joint filler. Before grinding and polishing the floor, essential repairs must be made where necessary. Following that, the 150 grit metals are used for grinding and polishing, followed by the 100 grit resin that binds diamonds, and finally, the 400 grit diamond impregnated pad.

The next stage involves utilizing a sprayer to apply stain to the floor while adding some decorative floor designs. Before moving on to the next step, the floor is again polished with an 800 grit pad. The guard application must be made in the penultimate phase to deepen the stain, starting from the edge. Burnishing is done next to bring out the colors on the floor and make it more reflective.

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