How to Use Professional Recruiters to Find a Finance Job

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Finding a job for finance professionals is just as tough an endeavor as the 9 to 5 rigmarole offered by whichever position was an almost good fit. Many people, fresh out of a bachelors or graduate program, take whichever accounting or finance job comes first. While this is a great short term solve, these forward thinking professionals often begin looking for more. The good news is that finance professionals have help in the form of accounting recruitment agencies, if they are willing to seek it.

Accounting recruitment agencies can be used in one of two ways. The first way accounting recruitment agencies are used is as an extended human resources support team. Many businesses do not have dedicated personnel to hire all new employees. This means that without an extended HR team financial recruitment would be left up to a manager or supervisor, who has limited time and resources to do the job effectively. Most good businesses know that accounting jobs should not be filled in this manner, so they hire accounting recruitment agencies to do the ground work for them.

Once the ground work is done, financial recruiters will begin resumes to businesses and consult with manager to narrow down the list of potential applicants. At this point financial recruiters may offer phone interviews to applicable candidates. At this juncture, the hiring process is usually turned over to managers and supervisors to interview a short list of candidates and come up with a final decision.

The foundational base of accountancy is applied to accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing. This means that many of these financial services recruiters will be looking to fill a multitude of accounting and finance jobs. This fact combined with the recruiter’s connections to many difference businesses and industries makes them an invaluable connection for an accounting or finance professional who is looking for a change of pace.

The second function that financial recruiting firms serve is to help professionals find the job that best fits their needs and capabilities. This aspect of accounting recruitment agencies and other finance recruiting firms makes job hunting easy on the little guy. By connecting with top recruiting firms professionally minded applicants can find new banking careers, cost accounting jobs, or even temp accounting jobs.

The key to finding an appropriate fit is to know which avenues of finance are the most appealing. This is often a step that is taken over time, rather than a decision that happens immediately. However, knowing what some of the options are can help the decision making process. For instance, accountants are hired to evaluate financial trends and operational costs, not just stare idly at old receipts. Business valuation analysts determine the value of a business or the interests of ownership and help business make educated decisions in the fast paced financial world. Venture capitalists, also called VCs, spend most of their time with small fast growing startup businesses.
At times, a private-equity job may involve working as an interim executive at a struggling company where your success helps determine the fate of the company.


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