How to Protect Your Windows during Construction with Window Shields

When planning to undertake a renovation or construction project in your home, it is essential that you consider surface protection measures. These measures entail covering up your windows, floors, and countertops to prevent damages from falling debris. Let’s take a look at how to avoid damage to your windows and still carry out your construction.
Window Protection Films
Windows are most affected during a construction and renovation project. To minimize this damage, there are various window shields available in the market. The windows should be covered both on the inside and outside using window protection films that are adhesive. These films are transparent to allow light in and protect your windows from paint, concrete and glue splashes and scratches. Window shields are UV protected, waterproof, easy to apply and do not leave any residue after removal.

Acrylic or Plexiglass Sheets
Clear sheets made from plexiglass or acrylics are another type of window shield. These sheets are reliable and durable and are easy to cut, a quality that makes them highly flexible for use as window protection films. Their transparent nature allows the entry of a lot of light. These window shields are resistant to high impact thus making them the ideal choice for use in construction sites.

Paint- On Window Shields
Another option is liquid paint-on. They are applied to both the window frames and panes. The paint-on is administered at the onset of the construction and is peelable. This reduces the time spent cleaning up the panes since the coating does not leave any residue behind.

Other Types of Window Shields
You can also opt to use newspapers or plastic bags and hold them in place using masking tape. Interestingly, there are those who result in soap solutions, pieces of cloths and polythene bags, which are okay as the result is still the same; clean and bright windows.

Any paint or glue marks on your window panes should not be scrapped off as this might result in damaging scratches on the glass. Consult cleaning experts on how to remove any dirt marks without destroying the windows. Protect your windows as much you can during construction and you will not have much cleaning when the construction is finally complete.

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