Get Started in Welding

Welding is a hobby that can be rewarding, or it can even be turning into a fulfilling job if you so desire. While there are numerous classes you can take to become certified, especially if you are thinking of making it a career, as a hobby you can get started on your own. (Provided you don’t mind some trial and error, and keep safely in mind at all times.)

Safety Supply Tulsa Locations.

Safety supply Tulsa locations can offer a starting point to finding the right gear that you need to get going. Shops like this can offer welding gas bottle refills, and all the welding gear you will need to get your foot in the door safely. Additionally, top cat air tools can offer similar tools that could come in handy when you get further into the field.

The Process.

A good place to begin is arc welding, as this technique is hailed as being easier to learn than other methods. Arc welding is conducted using an electrode that is cycled as you work, leaving clean welds, that are also strong and long lasting. The gas that is used in this method works as a shield that keeps contaminants away from the molten metal, which could cause weak points.


If you have your gear ready to go, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Clean the metal before you start the weld. Top cat air tools can have tools that will help to sand down the area for a smoother and stronger weld. This is crucial to insure you don’t have weak points.
  • Always remember to but your helmet visor down before beginning the weld! You can’t continue if you damage your eyes, double check so you don’t forget.
  • Secure the pieces before you start, this will help keep the material from moving and having uneven welds.
  • If you hear a sizzle your weld is good, but if you hear a popping sound while welding it may mean your running to hot.
  • If not taking lessons in the craft, it may be a good idea to consider learning how to read blueprints. This can help you complete more complex projects in the future, and also how to use practical welds for a minor projects.

If you are considering welding for as a hobby or career, you can start out on your own, provided you keep safety in mind. Take your time learning the craft, and make sure you have all the right gas and gear. Sources like top cat air tools, can help you get started, and move on you big and more complex projects. Welding can be a rewarding skill to have, and it’s easier than you think to get started.

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