How Print Is Still Going Strong Even In The Digital Age

Automatic wire binder

Print runs the world. In spite of ongoing advances by various forms of digital technology, countless independent businesses, worldwide corporations and small shops all benefit from one of the most long-standing methods of communication. Matching modern inventions with classic techniques is one of the best ways to stand out amid the pack — finding the perfect binder or wire binding machine will go a long way in ensuring your printed work is beautiful, elegant and durable.

Industry Figures

Print is still one of the largest industries in the world. It rivals auto-manufacturing and is eight times bigger than videogame production, making it a technique that won’t be dying out any time soon. Between July and August of 2015 the United States saw their commercial printing shipments up by $2 billion compared to the same time period just a few years prior, earning an upwards of a collective $57 billion.

Book Sales

One of the most frequent requirements of printing industries are for books of all shapes, sizes, subjects, techniques and presentations. The year 2015 saw print representing at least 80% of 2015 book sales around the world, ranging from art books to comics to novels. A perfect binder is necessary to keep any book in question as hardy as possible, extending its shelf lifespan to years even as it’s used over and over again. Additional materials can include coil binding machines or perfect binding machine accessories.

Advertising Mail

Books aren’t the only results of a vibrant printing industry. Studies have shown 80% of households either reading or browsing through their advertising mail, with print proven to be 60% more engaging for users than online articles. Over 10 million American jobs back in 2007 depended on advertising mail and related services, with nearly nine trillion letter sized simplex pages printed every year in North America.

Magazine Sales

Last, but not least, we have magazines. Independent zines are popular for small businesses looking to supplement their wares with additional advertisements, local art and discounts for repeat customers while larger magazines continue to lead the pack in terms of daily printed media. A perfect binder will go the extra mile in creating a professional end result, one that is more arduous and expensive when done by hand or lesser methods.

Necessary Equipment For A Developing Industry

It’s essential to choose the right materials to cultivate the best results. An automatic paper punching machine can reduce the wear and tear of producing multiple copies for small businesses and independent creators, while the perfect binder is necessary for businesses of all sizes and figures. Commercial printing shipments were worth well over $7 billion each month six months before March 2016 — with the annual amount of paper used in the United States each year exceeding nine billion tons, it’s important to make the most of your available resources. With print going this strong even decades after the printing press was revolutionized, the future is looking bright for print mail, books and beyond.

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